While the dragons of this tale are no longer wyrmlings themselves, here is where you will find guidelines on building your character from the egg-up, so to speak.

Questions to Aid You

  1. What type (color) of dragon are you?
  2. How old are you?
  3. How has life treated you so far? Have you been prosperous? Did it take you a while to find your place in the world? Are you still searching?
  4. Describe your lair and how it has been outfitted to aid you in pursuing your interests.
  5. Do you have servants, thralls, followers, sentient pets, etc? If so, how did you acquire them? Was it charisma-based or a more aggressive recruitment effort?
  6. Your alignment is something to consider carefully. Though your counsel will be requested for decades, it is unlikely that this would be enough time for your alignment to change. Choose wisely.
  7. Do you have a family or will you be pursuing making your own soon?
  8. Have you ever left Argonnessen?
  9. Would you prefer to fade into Twilight, living as long as possible? Would you depart in glory? Have you had secret thoughts of – gasp – becoming a dracolich?
  10. Are you religious?
  11. How interested are you in the prophecies? Do you actively seek out new bits of information or just wait to hear about it once others have analyzed it? Do you take a nap if someone starts rattling on about them?
  12. How do you feel about the younger races? Have you ever appeared as one of them?
  13. Even if the prophecies themselves bore you, how do you think/feel about the dragon marks on the younger races?

A Brief History of Time

Eberron, for all its wonder, is a civilization that has barely raised its head after a horrifically long war, known as the Last War. Arcane magic touches every part of the world, making the cities into fantastical versions of our 1920s with fuel-less streetlamps and airships. The thriving highest social class, outside of the government, is both hereditary and mercantile, their power built upon Dragonmarks. In fact, the world itself is said to be built on the merits of three dragons: the Golden progenitor of magic, Siberys, the cruel Khyber, and the source of life, gentle Eberron. The wyrms worked together, forming the thirteen planes:

13 planes

As they molded reality, rifts began to show as Khyber became greedy. Siberys, with noble intentions, became more forceful. They fought for greater influence in their shared works. Eberron sought to mediate between the two of them, but could not help them come to any agreement.

When it came time to complete the last, central plane, the tensions between them came to a head. Khyber tore into her brother Siberys, fatally wounding him. Eberron, not willing or powerful enough to kill her sister, instead embracing her and becoming the first guardian spirit, transforming herself into the earth, water, and habitat. And so, Eberron became the world on which houses the great nation of Argonessen and the awe-inspiring city of Sharn.

Khyber remains trapped within – the Dragon Below, the Mother of Monsters, the source of all darkness – forever struggling to escape and bring an end to it all. (Baker, et al; 8)

The climactic battle between the siblings gave birth to the life in the new word. Though Siberys had fallen, his blood maintained the essence of magic. When the blood fell on Eberron, life and magic merged to produce new creatures in the image of the Progenitors: dragons. These new creatures were mostly alone in world, joined only by the couatls, feathered immortal serpents, were formed by the pure blood of Siberys falling through the air. For countless centuries and millennia, the dragons ruled Eberron easily. Soon, however, the great Khyber’s struggling within her bonds started to rumble through to the surface. Her power spawned horrors from Rakshasas and aboleths, which the dragons could handle. However, she also gave birth to fiends named Overlords, their power near to demigods. The wyrmkind were still arranged in small groups called flights and so their scattered abilities were no match for the Overlords. As the fiends’ hold on the surface congealed and hardened, they ruled for hundreds of thousands of years. The dragons who had lived in effortless splendor were now slaves and servants of the fiendish dominion. It might have continued until the ends of time, if the couatl Hezcalipa and the blue dragon Ourelonastrix had not studied together for centuries, plotting and recording the sky and stars and comparing that data with the patterns that had appeared in the course of the years. They became convinced that their studies could reveal a map of the future; Ourelonastrix believed it to be the wisdom of the Progenitors, the blueprint of reality. These studies turned into prophecies giving the two scholars insight into the weaknesses of the Overlords. More powerful than even that was the newness of the hope that it provided to the wyrmkind. Just as the dragons had done when their reign was breezy, the Overlords had spread themselves thin, residing in small packs. This allowed the combined draconic forces to face them one by one, but the war still seemed hopeless. That is until Hezcalipa’s efforts uncovered a way to defeat the Overlords as a whole, but only at a terrible price. Led by Hezcalipa, almost the entire race of couatls forged their intrinsic immortality. Only a very few of either side – couatls and Overlords – survived the battle. Although the dragons fought fiercly, some believe that they were cowards in the end, refusing to join in the couatls’ sacrifice. Maybe the dragons didn’t have the spiritual energy required to help, maybe their continued existence was planned – whatever the reason, the sacrifice of the couatls removed both celestials and fiends from Eberron, leaving the dragons behind as masters of the Prophecy and the most powerful beings in the world. The Great War had united the dragons, forcing them to set aside their tribal rivalries and master their dormant mystical powers. This made the devastated population of dragons more powerful than ever before and so, following the defeat of the Overlords, most of them survivors retreated to Argonnessen. Draconic scholar? Ask me about giants, Xen’drik, Elf-Dragon Wars, and Vvaraak’s Betrayal.


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